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i’m very aware you’ve not heard from us too much lately, but over the coming summer months we’re hoping to fill your little moon hearts with a few more videos and even a sneaky festival appearance along the way.

The Museum of Computing in Swindon is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, so we went down to celebrate.

 After many hours of playing numerous vintage computer games we managed to film this video for you.

Robocop on the Spectrum and Commodore has become a cult classic over the years, not least because of it’s theme music.
It even made it to an Ariston (on and on) advert a few years later, although reading certain forums it appears Jonathan Dunn who wrote the infamous piece
never received a penny in royalties for it.

We’ve tried to recreate the ghostly tune here while cramming in as many of the wonderful pieces of gaming and computer history on show.

The Computer Museum, as you’ll see is a marvellous place and should be visited by all.


The next video has already been filmed and you’ll be seeing that next month but for now enjoy this and get yourselves involved in some gaming goosebumps.

New Video from us filmed at The Museum of Computing in Swindon

New #tothemoon video coming tomorrow

Fantastic little studio for Vinyl Mastering


to the moon ‘For Better Or Worse’ (by tothemoonmusicuk)

On the coldest of cold days,we went to the oldest of ancient churches in Inglesham, north of Swindon. The St John the Baptist church was built in 1205 and its family-worship booths, ancient architraves and peeling walls is as delicate and beautiful as the song ‘For Better Of Worse’ which we recorded in all its glockenspiel and cello-powered glory. A refuge from the outside world and a place of pilgrimage for those searching for inner peace or a slice of medieval meaning, the church sits lost but not forgotten, caught in different times. Its sense of history added an extra dimension to the song. But, boy, was it cold

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David Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti gives us a track by track preview of Bowie’s new album, The Next Day. He also tells us it is unlikely Bowie will tour, though a single show remains possible. Read more in our exclusive Q&A.

Looking Forward to this

Our friend Dave put us on his annual compilation in 2012, thanks Dave……DANKS!